Trainings Can Resume


Football SA has advised that trainings can resume as of the 11th of May 2020 but there are still limits on participant numbers and certain conditions still need to be met as outlined by the Australian Institute of Sport. An official document will be released to clubs and associations early next week and will be followed up by an online Q&A for all clubs and associations.

Specifically for football (soccer)
Non-contact skill training drills — passing, shooting, headers. Small groups (not more than 10 athletes/staff in total).

Other General Information
Activity that can be conducted by a solo athlete or by pairs where at least 1.5m can always be maintained between participants. No contact between athletes and/or other personnel. Examples for all sports — general fitness aerobic and anaerobic (e.g. running, cycling sprints, hills). Strength and sport-specific training permitted if no equipment required, or have access to own equipment (e.g. ergometer, weights). Online coaching and resources (e.g. videos, play books). Indoor/outdoor activity that can be conducted in small groups (not more than 10 athletes and/or other personnel in total) and with adequate spacing (not more than 1 person per 4m2). Some sharing of sporting equipment permitted such as kicking a football, hitting a tennis ball, use of a skipping rope, weights, mats. Non-contact skills training. Accidental contact may occur but no deliberate body contact drills. No wrestling, holding, tackling or binding.

General Hygiene Measures
Communal facilities can be used after a sport-specific structured risk assessment and mitigation process is undertaken. ‘Get in, train and get out’ — be prepared for training prior to arrival at venue (minimise need to use/gather in change rooms, bathrooms). Minimise use of communal facilities (e.g. gym, court) with limited numbers (not more than 10 athletes/staff in total). Have cleaning protocols in place for equipment and facilities. Hand hygiene (hand sanitisers) on entry and exit to venues, as well as pre, post and during training. Thorough full body shower with soap before and after training (preferably at home). Where possible maintain distance of at least 1.5m while training. No socialising or group meals.

Spectators and Additional Personnel
Separate spectators from athletes. Spectators should maintain social distancing of at least 1.5m.