Past Player Fred Duncan

The Gambier Centrals Soccer Club loves to hear from our Past Players and some of the stories they have to offer. The club recently had contact from Fred Duncan who played back in 1987.

I was an exchange student from the states and played on the Centrals Senior team in 1987. Phil Muller was on the team at the time too. Not sure if it is still there, but there was my home club patch, that hung on a board of patches by the bar. It was Fox Chase Soccer Club. It maybe fun identifying the old players. Here's the picture I had of the '87 team. I'm the 4th from the right, back row. I believe the guy in front of me is Mick Greenwood, and the guy to his left we called Ducky. Other than Phil Muller, I can't say I remember any of the other guys. There was a tall fella named Marcel that was on our team too, but he isn't in the picture. When I was looking at your website, I saw the name Scott Dickson. I'm not 100% sure, but I think he may have brought me in to Centrals. All that I remember is that the Father of the family I was staying with (Brooksby) was friends with the father of a guy my age that played for the club. I am pretty sure they were dairy farmers. I was in Mt Gambier Jan-July in 1987. I went to Tenison Woods when I was there. I was back in Mr Gambier 2 years ago and brought my family. Only stayed in town 2 nights, wished I had stopped by the club. A lot of great memories and stories!

A great story on how I remember Mick Greenwood. In one of my classes at Tenison, we took a trip over to the Magistrates Court to see how the courts work. I guess at the time Mick had had a little trouble with the law. Our class walked into the courtroom and there's Mick. He called out to me to say hello. It certainly turned a few heads!!