Long & Fleetwood Take Honours

The Gambier Centrals Soccer Club held it's Presentation Night on Saturday 13th October 2018 at the Bishop Road Clubrooms. Top honours for the evening went to Tracey Long for the Senior Women and Nathan Fleetwood for the Senior Men. Congratulations to Tracey and Nathan on claiming the highest club trophies on offer. All the other justifiably worthy award receipients were;

Senior Men
(Marc van Riet & Phil Muller Award)
Best & Fairest: Nathan Fleetwood
Runner Up: Craig Wright
Most Improved: Jasper Whitehead
Coaches Award: Henry Shoemark

Senior Women
Best & Fairest: Tracey Long
Runner Up: Paris Ackland
Most Improved: Skye Robinson
Coaches Award: Kali Langley

(Beaman Family Award)
Best & Fairest: Ben Jeffrey
Runner Up: Tess Andrews
Most Improved: Brad Pilven
Coaches Award: Steven Hughes

Under 17
(Hayden Thatcher Memorial)
Best & Fairest: Brayden Coppick
Runner Up: Oscar Oleary
Leadership Award: Alex Hill
Most Improved: Tom Holmes
Coaches Award: Kynan Sheedy

Under 15 Girls
Best & Fairest: Olivia Gwilym & Ellie Seaton
Runner Up: Kate Seaton
Most Improved: Rylee Seidel
Coaches Award: Ellie Seaton

Under 14
Best & Fairest: Diamond Min
Runner Up: Zac Sneddon
Most Improved: Ashton Sheedy
Coaches Award: Jensen Childs

Under 12
Best & Fairest: Finn Dickson
Runner Up: Charlie Kirby & Jacob Salmon
Most Improved: Mee Reh Htoo & Fergus Kentish
Coaches Award: Hugo Peters

Club Person of Year
(Karen Gysbers Memorial)
Lisa Ransom

Junior Club Person of Year
(Mckenzie Family Award)
Henry Shoemark

Outstanding Service Award
Scott Dickson

Dickson Detot Award
(Scott Dickson & Guy Detot)
Dave Beaman & James Kipping

Senior Players Player
(Lyn & Brad Pettingill Award)
Henry Shoemark

Junior Scholarships
(Herron Todd White)
Gay Ni Hsar Ku
Richard Kinyabuguna
Olivia Gwilym
Mickey Richardson
Lay Bae Htoo Ku
Alex Hill